Friday, October 19, 2012

The Crafts of Patchwork

The crafts of patchwork | What do you do if there are some fabrics in your home that  not used anymore? You may be thinking to throw it, but would not you think that these fabrics can be most beneficial even making money for you?

Patchwork is leftover fabric or Patchwork which is seen some people are not useful anymore. But in the hands of people who are creative, patchwork can be transformed into a beautiful bed covers, blankets, curtains, bags, dolls, coasters, and others. Utilization patchwork can to beautify the room, living room, or in any corner of the house. Patchwork, quilting and applique are techniques in the utilization of patchwork.

Quilts, Patchwork & Applique are a handicraft based fabric rag organized and laid out, and combined by modern skills, resulting in works that have artistic value and scope of art.

In details of the meaning of Quilts, Patchwork & Applique as follows: Patchwork is the art of preparing and combining patchwork of different colors and patterns to follow repetitive patterns by hand or sewn machine , while Applique is the art of forming an image of the piece of cloth and taped onto the surface of the fabric by using sutures hand or machine anyway. Both of art is then refined with sewing techniques oppressed (Quilts). This technique performed after inserting a type of foam called Dacron / silicon between sheets of cloth the same size. The result will be more tidy and has a thickness that provides the beauty and uniqueness.

Use of this rag fabric in addition to fill the time for mothers and young women may also provide additional entry for them. The raw material used is very cheap because it comes from the rest of the fabric that is not used anymore. Quilting has a pretty good business opportunity because the products are unique and creative. The artisans of quilting is still small. Therefore, there are many opportunities for women and girls to develop this quilting business.