Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tips for Cleaning Blankets

Tips for cleaning blankets | Blanket is a bed covering made of two layers of material or fabric with a layer of padding. All fabric stitched firmly together, usually in a decorative cross design. Designing is an art quilt. A handmade quilt for example, is something that must be maintained not only for comfort but also to provide the technical skills involved in making it.

Blanket cleaning tips:
  • The best way to clean is to dust blanket. The usual method is to lay it out on the surface, large dirt free and then gently move the lower suction, handheld vacuum accessory with a small brush on a blanket.
  • You can also wash the blanket with a wet-cleaning method. However, it should be avoided unless handled by an expert. If you have to wash yourself, you should first test the wash fraction to examine whether low or fabric dye getting spoiled or not. You need to use a very mild detergent and containers that can take care of the entire quilt in one go.
  • You do not have to use too much force when washing. Instead, you need to rinse soft blanket with your palm.
  • After washing is complete, the blanket should be removed with both hands to distribute weight evenly. You should not lift by one corner.
  • Blankets should be laid flat to dry on non-porous surfaces clean.
  • You should avoid cotton duvet dries cleaning. This is important as dry cleaning agents are chemicals that are believed to be carcinogenic (causing cancer) in nature. The various chemicals used for dry cleaning will get into the padding and keep it there.
After you have finished washing your quilt, the next step is to dry. You can only throw good quality bedding in the dryer and expose them to regular warm cycle as we do with all our clothes. If so smooth, you may want to dry naturally in the air. However, as already mentioned, the blanket should not be placed in direct sunlight.

So, keep blankets and fabrics carefully! This is the heirloom in the making!

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