Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Maintain Your Quilt?

How to maintain your quilt? | Blankets made of various fabrics, some of them are more fragile than others from time to time, and thus need to be taken proper care. Follow a few basic tips to take care of all your blankets, if you handle, store, or clean them.

Tips on handling covers:
  • You should always wash your hands or wear cotton gloves when handling your quilt. 
  • You must not eat, drink or smoke around a blanket. 
  • You should keep a blanket on the surface is clean and dry.
Tips to save blanket:
  • You must keep your blanket in a cool, dark, dry. Avoid storing blankets in the attic as the attic has very poor ventilation. Do not keep a blanket in the basement, as the basement is very humid.
  • You must keep your quilt out of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light from the sun is responsible for breaking down and accelerate oxidation dye fabric fibers.
  • You must make sure that the blanket away from insects and rodents.
  • The best way to store blankets or boxes are acid free paper. However, they can also be folded in a clean cotton sheets or washed.
  • You need to make sure you do not pile too many blankets folded on top of each other. Also covers the need to open and fold every three to six months to avoid tangling the extreme.
  • You should avoid storing blankets in plastic because it contains hazardous vapors, which may deteriorate the fabric.
  • Wooden boxes can also be used for storage as long as they are sealed with polyurethane varnish defensive cover, and then coated with bleached muslin or acid-free paper washed.
  • You should avoid to storing your blankets in the paper and cardboard, because they are full of rot damaging agents.


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